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About Us

David and Lancey Larson opened High Life Adventures in Warrenton, Oregon in May, 2012.  David has been building zip lines since he was 14 years old.  He built his first zip line across the canyon at the home where he grew up in Astoria, Oregon and would charge other kids a fair price to ride it so he could earn money to build more lines.  David and Lancey have been the owners of an excavation company for 37 years.  During those years, they purchased and developed a very unique piece of property right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.  The property is 30 acres with a 7-acre lake, several small ponds, and timber.  The Larson’s made this property their residence in the late 1980′s and raised their three daughters here.

David and Lancey have enjoyed zip line tours around the country, and in 2011, Lancey decided that they had the perfect piece of property to put in their own tour.  They joined the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), an organization that writes the standards for zip lines and challenge courses, and attended the annual conference in Boston in February 2012 to learn about all the new and exciting equipment and construction techniques.  High Life Adventures’ staff is made up of highly trained personnel; each guide has to undergo extensive training before being placed in the field as a full status tour guide.

The High Life Adventures experience takes participants on an exhilarating tour of eight zip lines.  Enjoy a mile of zipping, through timber, over ponds, and around and over a 7-acre lake.  The “Maple” zip line even offers participants a chance to take a dunk in the water!  It’s fun for all ages (60 pounds to 300 pounds) and is sure to create lasting memories for the whole family. Join our personable and highly trained staff on a guided tour during your next vacation to the Oregon Coast!

In the News

“This experience far exceeded our family’s expectations. Your tour guides were fun, encouraging, and professional. Safety was critical. Thanks for doing it right! We are coming back for sure.” -Ron